Carry the names of the dead to the White House : Will you join us? Monday, March 15th

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Letter from American Friends Service Committee ::::::::

The Dover to DC Memorial Procession will conclude with Nonviolent Direct Action at the White House

Meet at Farragut Sq. (2 blocks from White House)

Monday, March 15th @ 2 PM

The war and the occupation of Iraq have resulted in untold misery, mostly for those who were killed or wounded and their families. It seems the government is inured to the pain, suffering, and death this war has caused. We will bring the toll to them on March 15th.

Sunday, March 14 - Gather at Camden Friends Meetinghouse in Camden, DE at 12:30pm, for a brief service followed by a memorial procession to the gates of Dover Air Force Base. Following a ceremony at the base, a caravan will proceed to Baltimore, Maryland, and then on to Washington DC.

Monday, March 15 - Gathering and observances at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC, current residence of many U.S. servicemen and women wounded in Iraq, followed by memorial procession to the White House. The aforementioned events are legal. At the White House, those so moved will deliver our memorial message and call on the Bush Administration to the end the war and occupation of Iraq by entering Lafayette Park (next to the White House), which is open to the public but has been ruled off-limits to political speech, illegally so. By exercising our Constitutional right to free speech, we will be risking arrest.

Those who participate in the nonviolent direct action at the White House are urged to take nonviolence training, join an affinity group and observe nonviolence guidelines (view these guidelines at http://www.peacepledge.org/resist/guidelines.shtm)

To participate in the White House Nonviolent Direct Action, contact Max at 410-323-7200 or mobuszewski@afsc.org www.peacepledge.org/resist

Sponsors of the Dover to DC Memorial Procession
March 14-15, 2004
(list in formation)

American Friends Service Committee
Baltimore Physicians for Social Responsibility
Baltimore Pledge of Resistance
Brandywine Peace Community
Campus Greens
Chester County Peace Movement (Chester, Pennsylvania)
Church of the Brethren, Washington, DC
Coalition Against Global Exploitation
Code Pink
Delaware County PA Wage Peace and Justice
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Haverford Friend Meeting
Iraq Pledge of Resistance
Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia
Military Families Speak Out
New York City Labor Against the War
9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
Pacem in Terris
Pax Christi USA
Peace Action
People for Peace and Justice (Athens, Ohio)
The Shalom Center
St. Louis Instead of War Coalition
Student Peace Action Network
United for Peace and Justice
Veterans For Peace
War Resisters League
Washington Peace Center
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
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Baltimore Police Arrest Leafletter for Kucinich

This is sooooooooooo ridiculous....

Baltimore Independent Media Center: newswire:
Baltimore Police Arrest Leafletter for Kucinich
by repost
(No verified email address) 04 Mar 2004
Carol Higgs was arrested outside Chase House in Baltimore on "Super Tuesday" while attempted to peacefully hand out campaign literature.

For those of you who don't know, I had a "fun" day yesterday working the polls for Kucinich -- I got arrested!

Booked, fingerprinted etc. -- rides in paddy wagons, handcuffs -- unbelievable.

Here's what happened:

I had a polling place at Chase House in Baltimore. It is a big high-rise apartment bldg -- I think seniors only at Cathedral St. and Chase St..

Dennis [Livingstone] and I arrived early around 7:30 am to post Kucinich signs. As we were putting a sign in the ground by the sidewalk, a staff/management person from Chase House came out and said we couldn't post any signs. (We of course placed them outside the designated "no electioneering point.”) She said the sidewalks belonged to Chase House. We informed her it was just for a day and anyhow the sidewalks were owned by Baltimore City not Chase House. Dennis leaves and I stay to hand out literature.

I and a Green Party member were handing out literature when a cop car comes up, parks and out hops an officer who comes over to us and says: “Why are you picketing?" We say "huh? -- we are handing out campaign literature". He goes to talk to the Chase House staffer and then into the polling place. He's gone for a while -- The Green Party person leaves as her shift was up and so it was only me handing out literature. Clearly the Chase House staffer called the police.

When the cop comes out of the polling place, he comes over to me and says: "you are illegal.” I say : "how come? I'm outside of the posted election signs?" He says "you have to be 100 feet from a polling entrance and therefore you are illegal.”

I say, "well I’m going by what is posted -- if you think that the signs are incorrect and want to move them then I will move also." He gets cranky but moves the sign to Timbuktu (easily more than 100 ft). I move to the other side which is a bit closer to the entrance to the poll. I tell him I feel harassed by him and that I want his badge number and name. He gives it to me -- and then his buddy jumps out of the police car and says: "I want to see your identification." I say: “Why?” He says: “Because I want to see it." (Where are we? South Africa -- I didn't say this I was only thinking this).

I say: “Am I under arrest?’ He says: "No."

I say: “Am I free to leave?” He says: "Yes." At that point I take a few steps back and start back to handing out campaign literature. At that point he says: "That's it you are under arrest!" I said: "For what? He says: "for not obeying an order?" I say: "What order?” He replies: "when I told you you were free to leave you did not go!!!!!! And you are loitering!! You can't stand still in one spot, you have to keep moving.” I got his name and badge.

Next thing I know -- 6 of Baltimore's finest (1 a woman to "pat me down") have handcuffed me and put me in a paddy wagon taking me to the detention center. The woman officer was nice enough to go across the street to the Waxter Center to tell the Kucinich worker there I had been arrested and to call Dennis and Rob.

At the Detention center, still in handcuffs I watched as the arresting cop makes out a report -- his buddies were helping him -- they had to explain to him what campaigning is: "Geez you know campaigning is like: holding a Dole Yes sign" . I suspect Office Pinkosz is not the sharpest knife in the drawer as my mom used to say.

Anyway, they take me to see a detective. The detective starts to ask me questions and I tell her I choose not to talk to her without a lawyer present.. That did not please her.

Next, still handcuffed and 1.5 hours later they put me in another paddy wagon and take me to Central Booking where I lose my sweater, jacket and personal items, including boots (very dangerous weapons, you know), they even threw out my bottled water (don't ask me I don't know why) and outfit me with (I'm not making this up) green slippers with "happy faces" on the toes. I had to laugh. They then fingerprinted me and took my photo and put me in a very small, stuffy , dirty concrete holding cell with one shared - out in the open toilet and 5 other women -- 3 of whom were sick and coughing and feeling pain from withdrawal of drugs? Something? They were all very nice to me. "Fist time here? don't worry you'll be out by morning-maybe earlier." I wasn't given water or anything to eat. The others had a bag lunch but I was booked too late for lunch and the officer who put me in the cell denied my request for a drink.

I was wearing my Kucinich for President T'shirt the whole time and the reaction in the jail was interesting. I got nicknamed: The Election Lady. Ha.

After a few hours, a knock on the cell window tells me the states attorney's office has dropped charges. Another hour wait in another cell and then along with 4 others I was given back my stuff and shown the door. (Dennis had called ACORN who had called AFSCME, who represents the jailers, and others who called the states attorney’s office -- otherwise I would probably still be there).

I was so mad I could have spit nails. Can you believe this?!

I plan on suing them.

carol higgs
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Kerry has been declared the winner, so a Vote for Kucinich is now more important than ever... You know WHY???











Last Stand for Progressives

forwarded by The People For Peace Project
where you can get 4 different music CDs
plus limited editions buttons for only $15!

Kerry has been declared the winner,
so a Vote for Kucinich
is now more important than ever

Now more than ever Progressives need to rise up for Kucinich

Okay, so the Media has successfully chosen the Democratic Candidate. They've convinced the public that Kerry is the only candidate who has a chance against Bush. If indeed the media's big battle was to see if Edwards could come from behind and steal the nomination from Kerry, as they framed it, I don't understand what all the fuss was about. There isn't much difference between these two centrist candidates. In fact, there's a good chance they'll be running mates. So why was it so important to vote for Kerry?

Okay, so mathematically, it's pretty much impossible that Kucinich can secure the nomination with the number of delegates needed before the Convention in July. But now that Kerry has been anointed, it is more important than ever for the Progressive Movement to get behind Dennis Kucinich and to garner as many delegates as possible in the last 20 Primary races.

Since Kerry has been chosen already by the media and the Democratic Party, why not stand up and vote for Kucinich in those remaining 20 primaries. Then the Progressive Movement will have a solid block of delegates to have a voice in the platform of the Democratic Convention.

Perhaps America is not brave enough to choose a candidate like Kucinich who embraces the strong Progressive stand that this country needs to lift us out of the mire this current Administration's overt activities and decades of covert activities have brought us. But now is our last chance to have a voice in the future of our country. To stand up and say that we don't want to go back to the middle-ground that Clinton brought the country. We want to stand up for the solid democratic values that the DLC is trying to steer the party away from.

This past year, Dennis has proven how brave he is to stand up uncompromisingly for a Progressive agenda. By remaining in this race, under intense pressure to bow out, he is keeping hope for a better world alive. 20 more Primaries will take place. Let's help people see that it will be a waste to vote for Kerry in them, since he's already been declared the winner. By voting for Dennis, we ensure that a Progressive voice will be heard.

May Peace Prevail On Earth,

Bob Silverstein
The People For Peace Project

This message is being forwarded by The People For Peace Project


(Note: The People For Peace Project
is not associated with the Kucinich For President Campaign.
To be removed from this mailing list send an email to bob@friendsofkucinich.com)

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